Shipping Policy

We deal with natural temple hair donated happily and religiously by Indian men and women. We source hair from the temples and do not mix qualities or donors.

In-stock items such as Natural Indian Temple Hair, frontals, and closures from 10-30 inches will ship out within 1-4 business days.

Premium South Indian Temple hair is carefully hand-selected from certain temples where donors have healthier hair. Please keep in mind that in order to never mix or lower our quality that the rare south Indian hair in curly textures has a wait time from 5-10+ business days.

Items that need to be colored or steamed, keratin tips, clip-ins, and loose hair will ship out within 7-15 business days.

At times, certain items may not be in stock. When they aren’t in stock, shipping time will take 5-10 business days and delivery would be 7-12 business days.

For any questions about your order, please get in touch by:


Phone: (949)385-2308